About Us.

Ross & Partners was founded in 1954 as a practice of consulting civil and structural engineers to provide a comprehensive engineering consultancy within the UK and overseas.


The majority of the practice workload is in the field of structural engineering design of buildings and associated civil engineering infrastructure. Our work includes new build projects, regeneration projects, commercial, healthcare, housing, education, industrial, pharmaceutical and retail developments throughout the UK and overseas. We have considerable experience in the re-engineering of existing buildings, conservation of historic buildings and extensive remedial and refurbishment work is undertaken. We have also worked on a number of complex and structurally demanding projects.


Civil and Structural engineering is a fundamental discipline within the construction industry requiring, at the outset, appropriate levels of skill and experience from the design engineer for a successful outcome. We are deeply experienced with the design and construction of all types of building structure and the refurbishment of existing buildings makes up a substantial part of the practice work load. We understand the tight budgetary constraints experienced by many clients and we endeavour to keep capital expenditure on structures to the minimum necessary.


Our directors are practicing engineers who remain actively involved with all our projects. We aim to be involved with projects at the earliest opportunity. The expertise and experience within the practice can then be used to help produce engineering solutions which are economic and, where appropriate, innovative and elegant. Increasingly, sustainability is a key factor in deciding the design approach for new buildings and structures. The structural and civil engineering solutions are becoming ever more important in creating environmentally responsible developments. We look to encourage sustainable and economic solutions wherever possible.


Ross & Partners is affiliated with the Institution of Civil Engineers and Institution of Structural Engineers.  We hope this brochure will give an indication of our past achievements and future potential.

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Fully Operational Helipad installed to assist in critical patient care

Demolition on Our Carnaby Site has begun and is flying ahead with DeConstructUK, part of the DEGroup leading the works.. Proposed con...

Carnaby Court Winners of National Planning and Placemaking Award 2016

Winners of National Planning and Placemaking Award 2016 for ‘Best Mixed Use Development’ 

END. Clothing flocks crowds with stunning new flagship store

END. Clothing have produced numerous crowds for shoe launches monthly. Ross and partners played an integral part to play in making sure that standards were met to keep the exclusive feel to a top of the range clothing trader.